Friday, February 24, 2012

24. Future path


At this particular moment
A semester before my graduation
There are always someone asked me
"Already decide which company you want to work with?"
As always, there is no a certainty in my mind
Although I can work under the pressure, I prefer not to
Although I can work brilliantly, I choose not to
Hmm, really can't find a reason make me fully cooperated 
And also can't find a reason aroused my enthusiasm

Somehow, tomorrow I will go for an interview in Singapore
A good opportunity which others wished for? May be.
If luck with me and I have been offered the job
That's the time to clarify my future path
Whether it is academic or career. 



as usual 吧?as oways 怪怪的~哈哈

gud luck =)

Z〥 Zen飞霜 said...

google 了你就知道咯~

applefish said...

good luck and all the best! :)

Z〥 Zen飞霜 said...

yea thx, I hope so too XD